About our food

We take our food seriously and have redefined the way your palate experiences what you eat, in terms of flavours, textures, aromas, visual appeal, freshness and uniqueness! All sandwiches, hot dishes and most of the bakes items and desserts are made in-house using high-quality hand-picked ingredients as much locally made, grown or raised as possible.

Our culinary specialist Nukechef constantly creates unorthodox and unusual dishes, pastries, sandwiches and desserts never found elsewhere on the planet, using spices and herbs of Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe and South Americas, including indigenous culinary secrets. His global culinary journeys and over 30 years of experience in international cuisine have contributed to creating our unique food offerings. Some dishes combined with fusion of cooking traditions across the world, yet others are new inventions like our famous Croissausage!

Main theme of our unique food offerings is blending of spices, herbs and seasonings to achieve a mouthwatering taste with delicate balance of hot & spiciness and texture of the bite!

Bon Apetit!

Minimum 20 dollars for delivery.

12PM-1PM for lunch, 2PM - 6PM for dinner delivery.